Morning rituals #4

Charlotte Foubert Model/Foodie     “My ideal morning starts with a big yummie breakfast. Before heading to the shower, I always take enough time to prepare and eat my breakfast. I also like to read a little bit so I can start the day with a calm mind.”   We’re talking to Charlotte, a 24

Morning Rituals #3

Jeroen D’Hoedt Athlete     “My ideal morning starts with a well-rested feeling. When I can sleep through the night, I’m energetic and that means I can meet my busy schedule head on. If this is not the case, my schedule is adapted according to the amount of sleep I had. A good night’s sleep

Morning rituals #2

Jens Oris Owner of Normo Coffee     “Since Eleonore has come into our lives, I’ve become more of an early bird than a night owl. I watch her in the morning, while my wife takes care of her in the evening. Running my own business gives me a bit more time to wake up,

Morning rituals #1

Maria Marco Devis Architect     “A good start of the day is when I wake up and feel well rested. That is preferably after eight hours of sleep and fifteen minutes of snoozing. It makes me even happier when I go downstairs to prepare a good breakfast and I have enough time to do