Have you always been dreaming of a healthy breakfast or snack that tastes as if you made it yourself but doesn’t require any effort? That is exactly what FLOOM does for you! Every day we provide you with tasteful, healthy, 100% organic and homemade products. Made with love and passion, our products contain dried fruits, nuts, seeds and are rich in fibre. On top of that, they are pure, natural and delicious.

We believe that variety is key to a healthy lifestyle. This is why we continuously experiment and try out new ingredients and processing techniques. On top of our basic collection, we want to surprise you with creative limited editions every season. However, one aspect will always remain the same: our focus on the ingredients’ quality and the rich taste!


Natural and organic ingredients

Wholesome ingredients are crucial for a healthy, tasty and nutritious breakfast. Therefore, we deliberately choose ingredients that are 100% organic and that carry the European ‘bio-label’. If possible, we buy them locally. Our products are free from artificial flavourings, additives or preservatives. Refined sugars are intentionally shunned. Furthermore, we only add healthy fats such as coconut oil and nuts. These are used in small quantities.

Healthy, nutritious and tasty

FLOOM only uses natural and wholesome ingredients that are beneficial for a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. We strive for creating products that are good for you and that are very tasty as well. Our goal is to present our customers an original breakfast or snack combination by balancing out different aromas, textures and tastes. We only use high quality ingredients that are natural and unprocessed. This way our products contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. FLOOM also offers tasty products for those who eat gluten free, sugar free or vegan.


FLOOM is a company that feels strongly about innovation and creativity. We offer original breakfast and snacks consisting of dried fruits, nuts, grains and seeds. Furthermore, we regularly experiment with new ingredients and processing techniques to create surprising products. These products are issued under the form of limited editions. Not only the product itself is important, FLOOM also cares a lot about the packaging. We regularly collaborate with illustrators, graphic designers, fashion designers, interior designers… to create packaging that stands out.


Food designer Julie Seutin founded FLOOM out of her love for healthy and delicious food. She wants to share her passion with those who (want to) have a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good starts with taking care of yourself! Now let’s go back to where it all began…

After her studies as a product designer, Julie started working as a project manager for a big company. Meanwhile, in her spare time you would have found her in her kitchen, making granola and other delicious foods. After a while, Julie started to hand out  little bags of granola to her friends as a present. Guess what… They loved it! Realizing this would be the perfect way to combine two of her favorite things, food and product design, she founded FLOOM.

FLOOM is an acronym of food + bloom and stands for starting your day full of energy.