Morning rituals #4

Charlotte Foubert




“My ideal morning starts with a big yummie breakfast. Before heading to the shower, I always take enough time to prepare and eat my breakfast. I also like to read a little bit so I can start the day with a calm mind.”


We’re talking to Charlotte, a 24 year old woman who basically lives out of her suitcase. After combining her studies of communication sciences with some modelling on the side, she decided to model full time. At this moment, she lives in New York for a few months, but she also calls Milan, Antwerp and Paris her home. She loves travelling and, being a foodie, never misses an opportunity to visit the best food hotspots around the world. When not eating out, she loves to cook and experiment with food. She particularly likes healthy food as eating healthy is also very important for her job. “Good food” according to Charlotte? Food should be fresh, tasty and made of high quality ingredients.

A good breakfast is definitely part of my everyday morning ritual. Otherwise I don’t feel like waking up. In winter, I like to make myself a hot oatmeal with almond milk, nuts, fruits and coconut sugar. Sometimes I make toast with almond butter and banana slices. Sometimes I make my own granola and eat it with yogurt and fresh berries. I would love to try the FLOOM granola though! I always match my breakfast with a lemon ginger tea, a homemade matcha latte or a soy cappuccino on the go. While I’m having breakfast, I check my Instagram and e-mails and I talk to my friends and family at home. I finish with making a plan for the day.

When I have to travel for work, I can’t always have breakfast at home. My solution? Overnight oats or banana bread, deliciously healthy and easy to take with me. I love it so much, my friends even made a jacket with “banana bread” written on it! If you would like to try it, you can find the recipe here (the website is still “under construction” though). When I know the catering will serve breakfast I might eat there. When I have the time for it, I work out after my breakfast. I like boxing, yoga and pilates classes but I also just love a lazy morning.

Weekends are for recharging and having fun. I love to stroll around the city and to spend time with my friends or family. On Sunday I’m normally free so that is thé day for taking it easy and having a late and extensive breakfast. Whenever I’m in Belgium with my family, we always eat ‘pistoletkes’ with the family for lunch. Ever since I’m little, I remember that on Sunday my dad takes the bike to the bakery for ‘pistoletkes’ and ‘charcuterie’ while my mum, my sister and I set the table. There is always chocolate or ‘speculoos’ to put on that last ‘pistoletke’ as a dessert. When I’m abroad, they don’t know this tradition so Sunday is brunch day, I could hang around in coffee bars with friends all day!



Coffeelabs in Antwerp is my go-to spot for breakfast whenever I’m in Belgium. They have an amazing range of healthy food options. I like to try new things and they offer a varied menu that changes daily. Also, their portions are good, because in some coffee shops you order a bowl of granola and all you get is a splash of yogurt with one spoon of granola. Well… I can do that better at home! ;) I also like Le Pain Quotidien. They have locations all over the world so when I go there, it always feels like home. There are so many breakfast spots in New York that I love to go to: Blue Stone Lane (an Australian lunch bar), Café Gitane, Mogador, 12 Chairs, Friends of a Farmer… I can go on for hours! In Paris, having brunch is starting to become as popular as in New York. I especially like Season in Le Marais and Merci (a store/coffeeshop). When I stayed in Sydney a few months ago, I noticed that they are very skilled at making the perfect avocado toast. They also have good coffee everywhere!


If I’d had to choose…

Coffee or tea?

Uhm hard one. Tea. I do also like cappuccino’s with soy milk but am trying not to drink more then two a day. My favourite drink is a matcha latte: the perfect mix between a cappuccino and a tea. 

Early bird or night owl?

I’m more of a night owl. I can be a bit moody when it’s too early in the morning ;)

City life or life at the countryside?

City life for sure! I love New York and Paris.

Winter or summer?

I do like cold weather and snow, but only for a short time and then I get too cold. I guess I’ll take summer over winter any day!

Sleeping in and having no breakfast at all or waking up early and having breakfast?

Waking up and having breakfast for sure.


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