Summer Berries & Turmeric


A wholesome, nutritious raspberry and blueberry granola packed with all the health benefits of turmeric



Enjoy this wholesome limited edition granola as a snack, for breakfast or as an ingredient in a breakfast parfait.

The granola is a must for anyone following a healthy, balanced diet – it is brimming with nutrients and natural fibre!


oats*, buckwheat*, flaxseeds*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, chia seeds*, sesame seeds*, raspberry*, blueberry*, turmeric*, cinnamon*, ginger*, date paste*, coconut oil*, *organic

How to eat

Our Summer Berries & Turmeric granola is the perfect finishing touch for a delicious summer bowl – you can try out our recipe here to create a delicious meal with plenty of fresh fruits and seeds. If you prefer to enjoy the granola on its own, you can pair it with plant yoghurt and a splash of honey for a sweet taste.

Nutritional Value