Chocolate & Coconut


Calling all chocolate devotees! Our lightly sweetened Chocolate & Coconut granola is a crunchy chocolate delight packed with cacao nibs and dark chocolate drops. Gently roasted with coconut oil, it has just a touch of coconut taste that complements the cacao.



Sprinkled with hazelnuts, coconut flakes, chocolate drops and cacao nibs, this granola is a delicious mix of guilt-free sweetness. Lightly sweetened with agave, each mouthful is pure heaven!

If you love granola with a lightly sweetened chocolate taste to enjoy for breakfast or as part of dessert recipes, you will definitely enjoy each mouthful!


oats*, buckwheat*, hazelnuts*, coconut flakes*, shredded coconut*, cacao nibs*, chocolate drops*, coconut oil*, agave*, *organic

How to eat

Breakfast or dessert, our granola is a pure delight! Try it in recipes such a breakfast parfait or a vegan chocolate mousse, or simply add strawberries and yoghurt for a decadent breakfast treat.

Nutritional Value