Fruits & Nuts


Our Fruit & Nuts muesli is packed with vitamins high-fibre nuts, seeds and dried fruits. With just a dash of cinnamon, it is a perfect bowl of goodness, every time.



This muesli is an impeccable all-rounder when it comes to its fruit and nut blend. Delicious almonds, cashews, raisins and mulberries make this muesli all the more varied and enjoyable – it is a variety of flavours all packed into one mix!

This muesli is pure delight for anyone who loves a healthy breakfast blend that has a variety of fruit and nutty tastes.


oats*, flaxseeds*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, almonds*, cashew nuts*, coconut flakes*, shredded coconut*, raisins*, mulberries*, cinnamon*, *organic

How to eat

Add yoghurt and fresh fruit to your muesli bowl and drizzle with a little honey to enhance the creamy sweet taste of this combo. For more inspiration, be sure to visit our Instagram profile too.

Nutritional Value