Pecan & Cranberry


Get all the goodness of wholesome pecan nuts and antioxidant-rich cranberries with our gluten-free, sugar-free Pecan & Cranberry granola.



Our Pecan & Cranberry granola is our first limited edition granola. We launched this nutritious granola in 2015 and it became one of our basic granolas. It has a pure, natural taste with a fine texture and loads of immunity-boosting benefits, making it all the more rewarding as a breakfast or recipe ingredient.

This blend is tailor-made for those who love a healthy mix of nuts and fruitiness in their granola.


buckwheat flakes*, buckwheat*, millet*, sunflower seeds*, flaxseeds*, pumpkin seeds*, pecan nuts*, cranberries*, ginger*, cinnamon*, coconut oil*, *organic

How to eat

Create a perfect granola serve with our Pecan & Cranberry recipe, or simply serve with kiwi fruit, mango and Greek yoghurt.

Nutritional Value