Chocolate & Nuts


Indulge in this nutty chocolate granola that is packed with flavour! Containing four different nuts, chia seeds and cacao nibs, it has a crunchy flavour and a lightly date-sweetened taste.



Our crunchy Chocolate & Nuts granola is a nutty taste sensation! Filled with almonds, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, hazelnuts, cacao nibs and dark chocolate drops, it is simply delicious.

If you love granola filled with an extra nutty flavour, this could just become your favourite breakfast indulgence!


oats*, sunflower seeds*, flaxseeds*, chia seeds*, almonds*, cashew nuts*, pecan nuts*, hazelnuts*, date paste*, cacao nibs*, dark chocolate drops*, cacao*, coconut oil*, cinnamon*, *organic

How to eat

Our granola is not just a perfect breakfast bowl winner – it makes an amazing dessert topping too! Check out our banana ice cream recipe for inspiration.

Nutritional Value